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Infinity CO2 Lasers

The new Iradion Infinity CO2  laser series combines the exceptional performance of a monolithic ceramic resonator with  the latest RF design into a single integrated package. The result is a compact, efficient, and powerful laser with fast pulsing and great optical characteristics.


Ceramic Core Concept

Most competitive CO2 laser designs to date are based on the original R&D approach developed at several different aerospace companies since the 1970s.  This old approach involves extruding or machining aluminum bodies to contain the optical and electrical components inside the laser gas envelope.  These designs are convenient for R&D work, but not ideal for building lasers that are reliable.  The leading reliability issue with Metal lasers is that the metal is highly reactive with the gas mixture.  Over time, as internal components wear on each other, fresh aluminum is exposed and free oxygen in the gas reacts with this raw metal changing the composition of the original gas mixture.  In addition, many of these designs use O-ring seals that can allow air and moisture to enter the enclosure and further compromise the all-important gas mixture.

Ceramic technology solves these problems by moving all the reactive components to the outside of the vacuum enclosure leaving only pure clean Alumina (Al2O3) ceramic in contact with reactive gasses.  Alumina, will not react with the gas.  Alumina can also be fired at very high temperatures as part of the cleaning process.  This further assures there are no organic contaminants (dust, oils and other environmental contaminants) remaining to react with the gas.  The ceramic laser tube is also the optical frame that holds the resonator optics.  The CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) of alumina is 1/3 the CTE  of aluminum. Since laser cavity thermal variations have a direct impact on laser stability, Iradion’s Ceramic-based lasers have significantly better stability performance when compared with metal-based CO2 lasers. Ceramic also enables gas mixtures of comparatively high pressure to be used.  High pressure mixes provide faster rise and fall speed as well as much better power stability.

Infinity CO2 Lasers


  • Patented Family of CO2 Lasers
  • Monolithic ceramic resonator design
  • Using the latest RF technology
  • Single integrated package
  • Providing
  • Compact Source
  • Long Operational Lifetime
  • Interchangeable Capability
  • Ultra efficient
  • Fast  pulsing
  • Great optical quality

Infinity CO2 Lasers


CO2 Laser Video

CO2 Laser Video

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