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The 3mikron laser brand is designed and manufactured in Liechtenstein by Pantec Biosolutions AG of Ruggell.


 Originally developed to meet the exacting needs for a high power, highly efficient, reliable, affordable battery powered laser source for laser assisted drug delivery, 3mikron is a unique, leading-edge and innovative laser technology.


Based on diode pumped solid state (DPSS) laser technology, 3mikron lasers use a range of bespoke lasing materials (including Er:YAG, Er:YSGG, Ho:YAG, Ho:Tm:YAG) in order to provide for a range of output laser wavelengths in the mid-IR specifically the 2 to 3µm region, in both pulsed and CW configurations.


For medical applications where a major water absorption peak at 2940 nm corresponds to the Er:YAG emission, the laser remains of particular interest. However other applications within the research, industrial and defence sectors are also exploiting the availability of compact and robust high power mid-IR lasers.


3mikron lasers are offered in standard or bespoke configurations for use by OEMs and end users alike. All lasers meet the ISO9001 and/or ISO13485 quality standards.

Solid State Mid IR


Mid IR Solid State Lasers