Modules & Inst's Amplifiers Broad Band Sources Detectors & Imaging Fibre Optic Comp'ts Lasers Optical Fibre & Assemblies Optics & Assemblies
Broad Band Sources Lasers


Broadband Light Sources

Optical Fibre & Assemblies

Optical Fibre & Components

Optics & Assemblies

Optics and Optical Assemblies

Fibre Optic Comp'ts

Fibre Optic Components

Modules & Inst's

Accessory & Instrumentation



Detectors & Imaging

Detectors, Sensors & Imaging

Should the product group or product you require not be listed, please feel free to contact us as we may very well be able to provide a solution  for you.


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ELUXI offers the latest leading-edge photonics product solutions, available in standard and customised configurations.

Delivering Leading

Photonics Solutions

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