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Together with its partners ELUXI is able to offer a comprehensive range of solutions in this area.  If you cannot find what you are looking for from the information below, please contact us directly.


Beam Expanders

Beam expanders are optical system used to increase or decrease the beam diameter. The product of beam diameter and divergence of the laser beam is a constant and therefore it remains unchanged, i.e. increasing the beam diameter means reducing the divergence of the beam to the same degree. This is true for the expanders with fixed expansion factor as well as for the zoom expanders, where the magnification is variable.

Fused silica optics:

Well suited for lasers with high average power or lasers with high peak power.

Glass optics:

S6EXZ beam expanders have manual magnification adjustment.

S6EXM expanders include a motor to adjust the divergence setting using a PC.

S6EZM zoom expanders with variable magnification ratio are also motorised.


Motorised Zoom Beam Expander

  • Motorised zoom beam expander
  • Motor adapter  incorporated to drive the expander
  • Magnification setting control

Motorised Zoom Beam Expander




Photonics Solutions

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