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Aspheres have the advantage of most easily assembly and minimum losses, because only two surfaces contribute to the reflections. This minimizes the heating of the complete assembly at high power laser systems and reduces the weight on robot applications. Our aspheres are made of high purity fused silica material to avoid internal absorption. We also apply a very low absorption antireflection coating, to avoid heating of the lens and so called thermal shift of the focus.

The capability of the Sill Optics MRF machines allows production of aspheric surfaces in the range of 10 mm to 180 mm diameter and aspheric radii from -25 mm concave to +10 mm convex. So even small aspheres with very high numerical aperture are feasible.

Sill Optics offers standard fused silica aspheres with 1“, 1.5” and 2” diameter and focal length from 20 mm to 200 mm also. These are specially designed for the use with high power YAG Laser or Fiber laser. The reduction of optical surfaces and an optional low absorption coating minimize the thermal shift of the focus caused by the laser power.

Another suitable application is the collimation of LEDs or any other illumination task, where no diffraction limited performance is required.

Special forms and customized versions are available on request.


High End Aspheric Lenses


  • The use of aspheric lenses in optical systems, focusing optics and laser optics, is  increasing.
  • They enable enhanced resolution especially for optical systems with a high f-number.
  • The aspheric deviation of the high end series is < 0.05 µm RMSi.
  • Special forms and customized versions are available on request.


High End Aspheres




Photonics Solutions

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