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ELUXI, is a well established specialist photonics sales and support company covering the UK and Ireland.


The founders, with many successful years working with Pan-European distribution companies at senior levels and with  higher degrees in photonics disciplines were prompted to start the Company by a vision. This vision was of a new type of photonics distribution company, one delivering in addition to expertise and excellence, close and valued partnerships with both its customers and suppliers. It is this vision which drives the Company.


ELUXI [eluxi] derives from Latin, meaning  to “shine forth” or “outshine”. In fact it is the first-person singular,perfect active, indicative of ELUCEIO, where e is the short form of ex (“out of”) and luceo (“shine”). This name and its meaning underpin the function of the Company, as we strive to be a beacon for excellence in the field of light and optics.


The  Company logo contains within  it an artistic depiction of a Feynman diagram, specifically that of an electron-positron pair annihilation and creation.  The virtual photon which mediates this process symbolises the role of the Company.


ELUXI’s pronunciation is is available by following the link below: