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Together with its partners ELUXI is able to offer a comprehensive range of solutions in this area.  If you cannot find what you are looking for from the information below, please contact us directly.


Optical Accessories

he adjustment of optical components into a laser beam is often a challenge. Many commercial holders realize tilt or an axial offset by a fine adjustment only. The new holder of Sill Optics realizes both: a tilt (+/-0.5°) and an axial shift (in X and Y of +/-1.5 mm) in one mechanical component.

This new developed holder has an additional remarkable advantage: It tilts the optical system in reference to the optical and not in terms of an axially offset axis. Therefore it is not necessary to track the X Y component while angular adjustment. This simplifies and reduces the construction of a beam line enormously.

Furthermore, the optical component can be fixed by screws in the desired position, which avoids an involuntary maladjustment. The holder is characterized by its compact design and can be mounted in two positions (0° and 45°) on the base, or can be integrated directly

into a mechanical holder also without the base. The holder is available in two sizes (C-mount and M60x0,75). Special sizes on request.

Some of our scan optics do not have protective windows as a standard. For these types, we recommend for the protection of the front lens our mounted protective windows


 Beam Expander Holders


  • New compact holder
  • Available in C-mount and M60x0,75
  • Mounting in two positions (0° and 45°) with or without the base.
  • Offers  both:
  • Tilt (+/-0.5°)
  • Axial shift (in X and Y of +/-1.5 mm)
  • No need to track the X Y component while angular adjustment due to tiling the optical system in reference to the optical axis
  • Position is fixed by screws


Beam Expander Holders

Optical Accessories


Photonics Solutions

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