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Together with its partners ELUXI is able to offer a comprehensive range of solutions in this area.  If you cannot find what you are looking for from the information below, please contact us directly.



Fibre Amplifiers


  • Wavelengths - Visible, 1.0, 1.5 & 2.0 microns
  • EDFAs
  • YDFAs
  • TDFAs
  • Packaging
  • OEM Modules
  • Rackmount
  • Desktop
  • Pulsed and Multimode


Fibre Amplifiers


Fibre Amplifiers

Nuphoton is a pioneer in design and manufacturing EDFAs and uses proprietary technology to design high end fibre amplifiers. These amplifiers are available in 1 µm, 1.5 µm and 2.0 µm wavelengths. Nuphoton’s fibre amplifiers are designed for single channel and DWDM fibre optic communication applications. These amplifiers are optimised for flatness and noise performance.  Linear Polarized / Polarization Maintaining (PM) and Multimode (MM) amplifiers are available.  The hardware and chassis footprint of these amplifiers are optimised for power dissipation sensitive space limited applications.

C-band EDFA

The C-band EDFA is the smallest DWDM fibre amplifier in the world in half MSA footprint.

Low Noise EDFA

The Low Noise EDFA has the lowest noise figure industry, as low as 3.5dB.

High Power EDFA

The High Power EDFA can deliver up to 5W output in a in compact footprint of  130mm x 86mm x 16 mm.

Pulsed YDFA

The Pulsed YDFA is optimised for pulsed signal amplification at 1064nm wavelength. All amplifiers come with dedicated digital and analogue circuitry for monitoring and control. The user friendly software interface displays alarms and monitoring data.

All key parameters like input and output power, laser diode current and case temperature are monitored and controlled within safe limits.   A variety of user interfaces options are available including RS232, Ethernet, I2C and JSON. The units are also available in rack mount and desktop chassis footprints. The amplifiers are CDRH (IEC 60825-1 & IEC 60825-2) compliant for laser safety and comply with Telcordia GR1312 requirements. Nuphoton’s fibre amplifiers are widely used in Telecom, Oil & Gas Sensing, Free Space Communication (FSO), RF over Fiber (RFoG) and R&D industries.

Pulsed YDFA (1 um) TDFA (2 um)

All amplifiers are available in rack mount and desktop footprints.

Rack mount units come with front panel push buttons, LCD screen and  works from 110/220 VAC power supply.

Desktop units come with touch screen interface and  works from 110/220VAC power supply.


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