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NEP has a longstanding and enviable reputation as a leading specialist US manufacturer and developer of standard and bespoke Infrared (IR) Detectors.


Since its formation in 1973, NEP has sought to meet the complete needs of a broad range of customer requirements in the area of IR Detectors and their associated electronics and cooling.


Over this time, the company has supplied countless solutions for applications ranging from gas analysis to satellite instrumentation. In keeping with its desire to be at the forefront of product design, NEP has more recently, introduced a range of Linear and Focal Plane Multiplexed Arrays which bring innovation and affordable detector technology to the Spectroscopy and Imaging markets.


With a quality range of IR Detectors and a technical team with decades of experience and more to match, NEP is ideally placed to help deliver programme success for your your applications, whether these are in the field of Imaging, Spectroscopy, Environmental Testing, Process Control, Medical or Defence and Aerospace.

Pb Salt Detectors & Arrays

PbS & PbSe

Detectors & Arrays


InGaAs PIN Photodiodes

InGaAs Photodiodes