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Innolume GmbH is a worldwide leading provider in the field of diode lasers based on Quantum Dot technology.


Originally spun-out of the Ioffe Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia to its fabrication facility in Dortmund, Germany and marketing/testing office in Santa Clara, California, Innolume offers laser semiconductor chips and modules for medical, industrial, and communications markets.


 Its proprietary design concepts enable tangible improvements in cost, performance and quality of compound semiconductor devices used in optoelectronics.


Diode Lasers and Broadband Light Sources


Based on its proprietary Quantum Dot Technology, Innolume’s diode lasers and broadband light sources cover the wavelength range of 1064nm - 1320nm


Laser Bars as well as Single Emitter chips and fibre coupled modules are offered in standard and bespoke configurations.


Applications for High Power Lasers range from medical/cosmetic laser systems, test & instrumentation equipment, gas sensing, 3x systems to pumping.


Broadband Light Sources/Gain Chips are being used in external cavity systems to built tunable lasers, ECDLs and swept sources, e.g. Optical Coherence Tomography Systems (OCT) or direct frequency conversion to green, yellow and orange light.

Quantum Dot Lasers and Gain Chips

High Power QD Lasers


Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers


SLED Sources