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Together with its partners ELUXI is able to offer a comprehensive range of solutions in this area.  If you cannot find what you are looking for from the information below, please contact us directly.




 Pranalytica has been supplying the Nitrolux™, an ultra-sensitive reference instrument capable of detecting trace concentrations of ammonia in air, for several years. The underlying technology for this instrument has been developed and applied by the Pranalytica team for atmospheric and stratospheric pollution detection of several gases in the parts per billion (ppb) to parts per trillion (ppt) range over the last 30 years.

Sensors for species other than ammonia: The O-Nose™ platform  technology can be used for high-fidelity measurements of many environmentally-, industrially-, and medically-pertinent species other than ammonia.

 Available Sensors (now):

Other species, most which can be measured at or near 1 ppb sensitivity, include acetylene, ethylene, propylene, isoprene, CO, CO2, NO, N2O, NO2, CH4, HBr, CH3Cl, HCN, H2O, O2, benzene, vinyl chloride, acetone, hydrazine, monomethylhydrazine.






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