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 A Full Spectrum of Precision Optical Manufacturing



Rochester Precision Optics (RPO) was formed in 2005 when it acquired the manufacturing technology, intellectual property and assets from Kodak Optical Imaging Systems. Starting production in 2006 and building on its core technology of precision moulded glass aspheres, RPO has grown from 27 employees to over 190 today.


Located in four ultra-modern facilities and incorporating more than 110,000 square feet,  they manufacture glass, plastic, crystal and infrared optics which provides the optics community a one stop option to solve complex problems from design to full rate production.  

InfraRed Optics Precision Moulded Optics Plastic Moulded Optics

Plastic Moulded Optics

Precision Moulded Optics

UV, Visible & IR

Traditional IR Optics


ASE Optics, an Rochester Precision Optics (RPO) Company, is an engineering services firm based in Rochester, NY and Barcelona, Spain.

Founded n 1994 by RPO, it provides optical engineering support for companies that can't find, can't afford, or can't justify having an optical engineer on staff.

Over the years, ASE has provided optical engineering services to over 200 different clients, from government agencies and universities to single-person startups. This work has created:

As projects move from lens and assembly design to prototype to manufacturing, ASE is there to help, moving projects seamlessly into production, by offering better access to technology, clean room facilities and testing systems.

ASE’s Discovery Service helps you to better understand both the problem and ASE’s ability to solve it.

Services Provided